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The Permaculture Gardens

"Worms are cool 

They recycle animal stool

Which is good for nature 

That is their best feature

It makes plants healthy

And makes the gardeners wealthy 

Be wise to take care of them

They are soils living gem

Look at all trees and plants

See how they dance

It's all because of worms

That is how it works

So be kind to each fellow

A good thing will follow

They are recycling catalysts

Let's be nature's analysts"

- Headspace volunteer

Friday morning BUSY BEE

A busy-bee is held every Friday morning from 9 am in the gardens of Earthwise. Volunteers are encouraged to learn about permaculture and to put into practice the principles of organic gardening. This is followed by a light lunch ;)

Permaculture is a concept of design that uses the principles of organic growing in a holistic garden system. It involves a commitment to sustainability and encourages individuals and communities to become involved and responsible for their environment, as an alternative to just a 'use and throw away' mentality.

Permaculture also involves a commitment to the connections between people. Our gardens were designed and built by young unemployed people through a youth training incentive, Landcare and Environment Action Programme (LEAP), in 1996.

Many of the participants are still involved in the continuation and growth of the Earthwise gardens on a cooperative basis.

The garden is a place for the public to see and enjoy. People are welcome to wander through and touch, smell and taste something fresh. 


Allotment Gardens

Have your own space


We offer Your own allotment at Earthwise in a fenced off area, you can meet other gardeners and enjoy your own spoils.

What is a Wicking Bed?

'A wicking bed is a garden bed that has water coming from the base of the material and 'wicking' or moving up through the soil and hitting the roots first. This reduces the eater loss and is especially useful in Perth's long dry summers'.

Are you interested in learning more?

Schedule a tour by clicking below:

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